About Us

Since established in 2007 as a registered company under the laws of the state Zambia, and its growth in capacity to supply and distribute in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, Rosell Diagnostics Distributors Limited has continued to collaborate with healthcare professional manufacturers. In our bid to maintain high standards of safety, integrity and quality hence customer satisfaction being our first priority.


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Mission Statement

It is our Vision as Rosell Diagnostics Distributors to be the most preferred supplier/distributor through our achievement to deliver a world class performance and earn the admiration of all our stakeholders. Being a part of the healthcare society we take pride in our vision to everyday make a healthier population and environment through our continued supply of high quality medical equipment and Diagnostics.

Corporate Values

  • Integrity, honesty, business excellence and respect for all business partners, society, employees and other stake-holders.
  • Total and speedy commitment shall be granted to all business ventures.

Business Objectives

  • Our objectives correspond with our vision, which is to conduct our business activities through-out Zambia and other countries.
  • To offer services in the health sector as shall be determined by the directors from  time and time.
  • We are determined to clearly exhibit excellence in all business activities.

Environmental Policy


Rosell Diagnostics Distributors Limited has committed itself to an environment policy where it will:

  • Develop Environment Management Systems {EMS}, based on ISO 140001, through a Culture of environmental awareness & training for the organization;
  • Comply with the Environmental Management Plan {EMP} of its customers/clients and relevant environmental legislation & to establish an EMP for use on contracts  where the customer/client does not have a specific EMP;
  • Endeavour to influence subcontractors & suppliers to strive for environmentally responsible practices;
  • Commit to the prevention of pollution & strive to ensure continuous improvement of its environmental performance;
  • Take into consideration the environmental concerns of both the customer/client and interested parties & to communicate the policy to all personnel of Rosell Diagnostics Distributors Limited;
  • Monitor & modify environmental management through review & audit of environmental performance to ensure responsible development.   

Our International Partners



The policy of Rosell is to educate and keep employees informed on HIV/AIDS issues. We aim to successfully support HIV/AIDS measures and initiatives aimed at minimizing the impact and spreading of the disease. It also aims to create a supportive environment in the workplace, ensure the rights of employees living with HIV/AIDS are protected and ensure the rights of the company are respected.

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all Directors, Managers & supervisors. It’s the responsibility of all employees to keep informed about HIV/AIDS, to protect themselves & their families, to take appropriate action and seek counseling in the event of uncertainty. In the implementation of the policy the following are critical issues: